We aim to provide bespoke hotel portals that allow total control and customisation of orders, products and prices, resulting in a personalised, user-friendly experience that is catered to your business. It’s designed to be easy! Simply create an account online or with one of our area managers, liaise with our team regarding what products and product categories you want displayed, any deals we promote in your chosen categories and we will personalize your experience dependent on what your business needs as priority.

By sending our clients a list of core product categories, we can personalise your portal to match your category choices, resulting in all the products you don’t use being filtered out. 

With complete control of the categories and products, our web development team will apply your portal with constant price adjustments so you will consistently have the lowest prices applied to your products. This trust-built relationship is something that we have instilled in our sales approach from day one and has led us to what we have become today with strong relationships all over the UK.


Complete customisation of your homepage. Using our web designer, we can add all sorts of data functions and widgets to personalise your portal to suit your needs.

If you want information about previous order history or your most purchased items, this can be displayed in the white labelled boxes.

Or, if you prefer, we can fill these gaps with information on products that we think you might like.

The best portals need the best security. Individual login details for each of our clients will come with a randomly generated password with 2 factor authentication as an option if you deem it necessary.

Only you, one member of our web development team, have access to your account and all changes and orders will leave an audit log which clients have full access to.

Your bespoke portal isn’t the only thing coming bespoke to your business! Our new pricing matrix will be applied to your business dependent on what you order.
This will work to try and afford your company the best possible prices automatically applied to your portal.
This means discounts, clearance and price drops will come as an ever-updating standard for your portal.


Nigel@S10supplies.co.uk or please feel free to call 01245 425 814
for more information!