Sika Setting Sand is a moisture-curing jointing compound for narrow joints. Faster than traditional methods, it can be simply poured or swept into joints before being saturated with water, giving perfect pointing for all types of block paving. Once cured it will not wash out, shrink or crack over time. Resists weeds and insects.

Suitable for footpaths, outdoor patio areas, indoor stone floor areas, pedestrian areas, driveways and more with joint widths of 2-5mm.

Size: 20kg.

Everbuild Sikamix Plus is a general purpose, economic liquid plasticiser and improver for brick and blockwork mortars. It reduces water demand and increases strength. It also improves the frost resistance of hardened mortar while also reducing efflorescence.

Everbuild general purpose, economic adhesive, sealer and mortar admixture. Easy to use, excellent adhesion and reduces surface dusting.

Size: 5 litres.

Everbuild Sikabond SBR+ is a one component, water-based, general purpose styrene butadiene rubber emulsion bonding agent and mortar admixture for improving adhesion, workability and waterproofing of mortars.

Size: 5 litres.

Everbuild Sika-1 Waterproofer is an aqueous solution containing complex colloidal silicates. In the presence of water these swell and block the capillaries and pores in the applied sand/cement renders, screeds and mortar to provide an effective barrier against the transmission of liquid water.

Size: 5 litre.

Everbuild 710 Febflor Flexiplus Latex is a self-smoothing and self-levelling floor compound with added latex powder for improved flexibility. Used to level out internal uneven floors where there may be a small level of movement. Ideal for use on asphalt and tar based surfaces.

Everbuild Tarmac Restorer is a high-performance surface coating specially formulated to make tired old tarmac look just like new. It provides a tough, durable low sheen finish that protects from weathering, oil and petrol spills and unsightly plant and weed growth.

1 x Everbuild 700 TileSet Universal Grey 20kg

1 x Everbuild 700 TileSet Universal White 20kg

1 x Everbuild 711 TileSet Flexiplus Tile Adhesive White 20kg